Effective 10-01-2016: Policy Change on Holding Buses
To better accommodate some routes that have high passenger counts, buses will no longer be held between 12:00 pm and 5:20 pm Monday through Friday. During these hours, buses will depart at their scheduled times. Passengers should be aware that they may need to catch an earlier bus.
Free Rides Day: November 8, 2016
STARS is offering free Fixed Route Services until 8pm and GUARANTEED voters rides after 8pm from the city polls. Need Curb-to-Curb Service to vote within the City? Call our Election Hotline at (989) 907-4028 to schedule a ride TODAY.

STARS is a public transportation system for the Urbanized Saginaw Area, which travels about 1.5 million miles per year. Over 3,300 people ride our buses each day to work, doctor visits, shopping or school.

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